In addition to our robust micro-brew offerings, we often provide our guests with popular domestic and imported beers. Your Sales Coordinator will be able to guide you through your beer selections.


Oregon is home to some of the most favorable wine labels in the world. Although we often work with guests at vineyards, we can source wine from anywhere in the world to feature at your event.

Signature Cocktails

A more cost-effective way to enjoy spirits at your event. We can provide a selection of 2-3 craft cocktails according to pre-determined quantities to accommodate any budget. Only this option allows you to wow your guests with intricate and personalized cocktails!

Full Bar Service

We can provide a full bar experience like any brick & mortar bar. We will build a bar around a selection of 4 spirits and provide all the trimmings for a variety of simple cocktails.




This list is, by no means, exhaustive. These are local selections that excite our team. We can source any beer you can think so, we welcome your ideas and encourage you to select your favorite beer. 


Your wine Solution.

Being located in a world famous wine region has its perks. On the one hand, you can choose from any vineyard in the Willamette Valley AVA and be incredibly happy with your wine selection. However, on the other hand, your wine selection may be limited by your venue.

If your venue requires a wine purchase

Some venues, usually wineries and vineyards, will require a minimum wine purchase from their selection of wines. Furthermore, these venues may restrict you to only using their wines. If this is the case, we can help you select your wines, if necessary. Otherwise, you’re set!

You have a free choice of wine!

Not all venues have restrictions regarding your wine selection, and most venues outside of vineyards allow a free choice of alcohol. In this case, we can walk you through your wine options and guide you through selecting the perfect wine, within your budget, for your event.


Most frequent questions and answers about our bar services.

Of course! We are fully licensed for alcohol sales and consumption. Our bartenders and our serving staff are also licensed to serve alcohol. We have full liquor liability insurance coverage (as well as several other insurance plans for other areas of our business).

You bet! We can provide some pretty standard beverages or develop a specialty ‘mocktail’ if you’d like!

Yes! We can put together a full bar service for your guests. This service allows us to serve simple cocktails from your choice of four mid-range to top-shelf spirits. Although this is the priciest bar option, this is perfect for guests who want the bar experience at their event.

Of course. A no-host bar is a service where the guests pay for their drinks. This option is excellent for those on a budget or who want to limit alcohol consumption without restricting access completely.

We want your guests to be well taken care of. We’ll provide one bartender for every 60 guests to serve them efficiently. For more complex events, bar-backs may be necessary, depending on the scope of the event and the beverage selection.