Don't Make
Event planning
a full time

We are event experts. Although it says “catering” in our company name, it is important for us to provide support to our guests throughout the planning process in any way we can.


Most frequent questions and answers

We generally recommend getting in touch with caterers just before booking your venue about 9-14 months in advance. It is important to book caterers early because they may have restrictions on menu choices depending on your venue. This is why we like to think of Venues and Catering partners early in the process. However, any great caterer should be able to book you at any point in the event planning process!

Although food costs don’t fluctuate too much, your “all in” price for your event event experience can drastically change with every detail. Venues, timeline, guest count, complexity of menu, and much more can change your overall price. We like to tell our guests that they will likely land somewhere between $60 per person and $100 per person with a full service event. However, we serve a variety of budgets and can most likely help you find the perfect solution!

Of course! You can’t pick a catering partner from a pretty website alone. We encourage you to come in for a basic complimentary tasting or you can invest in our exploratory tasting, which gives you the opportunity to try a variety of foods and discuss your event with our amazing sales team!

If you want to let us guide you through the menu creation process, we encourage you to schedule a tasting when you think you have landed on that menu. Otherwise, you can come in early for an exploratory tasting to try before you buy 😉

Either way, you can come for a tasting before or after you book with us!

We like to blast menu ideas all over the place. Our website and social media pages have rotating menu inspiration. However, guests don’t always see something that catches their eye. We encourage you to reach out to us and go over your event vision in detail with your sales coordinator. We can craft any menu that excites the senses!

Have oven, will travel! We serve Salem, Eugene, Portland, Wine Country, and beyond.

It is worth mentioning twice, we travel all over the Pacific North West. It may not always be cost-effective, but we specialize in catering in weird places.

Most likely we can! We enjoy fruitful relationships with dozens of amazing venues in the Pacific NorthWest. Furthermore, if we haven’t catered there before, we can make it happen. Nothing a thorough site tour wouldn’t fix!

We get it, things come up during the planning process that may want you to change things up a bit. That is why we don’t collect the final payments until 3 weeks before your event. Many variables can be adjusted up to that point to allow for maximum flexibility.

Yes. We are fully licensed to handle your at any venue. We can create a bar package that includes beer, wine, or spirits.

The short answer is yes! The long answer is boring and steeped in state regulations. Essentially, we will charge a corkage fee based on the type of alcohol that you plan on bringing. This corkage fee covers the ice, serving equipment, and garnish that your bar needs. Your sales coordinator will walk you through the alcoholic beverage options to find the perfect solution.

Anything but wedding cakes 🙂

Of course! We realize that our guests may experience  wide array of sensitivities and allergies. Although we are not an allergen free facility, we take great care to eliminate cross contamination. Furthermore, we have crafted a selection of Vegan and Gluten free menus to accommodate those guests.