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We have helped thousands of wedding couples tie the knot over the past 30 years and we look forward to thousands more!


We pride ourselves on putting together menus and event experiences that are tailored to your needs. From casual graduation parties to formal retirement galas, we can provide the perfect solution.


Employee appreciation, product launches, auctions, all hands meetings, and much more!


Not every event needs the full banquet experience. We can provide gourmet casual catering services for any social get-together or celebration.

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Hiring a caterer can be overwhelming. Before diving head first into event planning, we encourage you to explore our FAQ page to seek answers to some common questions asked by our guests!

- Walla Walla -

Nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Walla Walla is a community steeped in history and blessed with natural beauty. Here, in the 1800s, is where the French Soldier, Peter Pieri, cultivated the sweet onion he found on the island of Corsica, Italy. The Walla Walla Sweet onion is now world famous for its flavor and versatility.

- Cranberries -

Nearly 3,000 acres of cranberries are cultivated in Oregon, with production centered in the south coast towns of Bandon, Langlois, Sixes and Port Orford. Oregon growers produce approximately 40 million pounds of berries each year.

- Rogue Creamery -

In 2019, Rogue Creamery's Rogue River Blue was crowned World Champion at the World Cheese Awards in Italy.  We love using local creameries to supply us with world class cheeses for for  variety of menu items. Try the Rogue River Blue on a fresh pear salad using Hood River pears. It will blow your mind.

- Hazelnuts -

Oregon's Willamette Valley offers an ideal climate for growing hazelnuts. In fact, over 99% of all the hazelnuts grown in the United States are grown in the Willamette Valley. In 1989, the hazelnut became the official state nut of Oregon. Hazelnuts, also called filberts, are grown for their delicious flavor.


By sourcing the freshest, highest quality seasonal ingredients, we can craft menus throughout the year without feeling like you are missing out on amazing food. 

Many ingredients can be sourced all year round in the Pacific North-West. The abundant natural resources and temperate climate in our region affords us access to the most delectable crops in the world.

We let the locally produced foods guide our menu philosophy. By letting the ingredients steal the show at every event, we are doing our part to pay homage to our surroundings and talented agricultural professionals.  

We will guide you to the freshest possible ingredients and introduce you to ideas that will enhance your menu.


Willabys Catering has always prioritized recruiting top level talent.

As the face of our organization, the Front Of House (FOH) team has been an integral part in growing the Willabys reputation throughout the event industry and we will continue to encourage positive hard working people to join our team.

Our company is dedicated to top of industry compensation and fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment. We are confident this positive culture is passed along to our guests at each event.