Below, you will find a selection of some of our favorite appetizers to get the creative juices flowing. All appetizers are priced separately on your proposal and can be adjusted to your group. These options are best served as a hand passed option during a cocktail reception. We suggest choosing 2-3 for an hour-long mingling session. Contact us for more options.

Banquet Menus.

We have highlighted some featured menus for you to consider. Instead of giving you a never-ending list of protein, side, and salad options, we have put together some menus that showcase what we have to offer. So, check these menus out, then let’s set a time to talk about your vision.

Upscale Comfort.

Not seeing anything
that suits your fancy?

 These menus are constantly rotating to give you some inspiration. You will work with your sales coordinator to craft a unique menu for your group.


Pricing for catered events can be tricky. There are too many variables to give you hard and fast prices. We have to factor in staffing, service charge, rental items, and more. Here are some general prices to provide you with an idea:

For your cocktail service, we offer stationary items or passed items. Priced separately, items can range from $1.50 to $5.

Whether you’re looking to host a Family-Style meal, Plated meal, or a more casual Buffet meal,  we price each menu based on a unique blend of options that fit your vision. Depending on the number of sides and entrees, and the items themselves, our menus may range from $35/person to $60/person.

We like to say that a staffed event will end up somewhere between $85 – $200 per person depending on the type of service you need.

Choosing between plated, family-style, buffet, or even stations will not affect your food pricing, but it will change your overall proposal price. This is primarily due to the extra staffing that is required for family-style, plated, and stations.

We can set a time to come in for a tasting at any point. Some guests like to taste before they book and some like to taste after they book. Either way is cool with us!

We generally like to have an initial conversation with you to get to know each other a bit before setting up a tasting. This allows us to form a tentative menu and proposal for us to review.

We offer a complimentary tasting of key items from your menu (apps, salad, and your proteins.

We also offer an exploratory tasting for $65 per person (up to 6) during which, you can taste several proteins, sides, salads, and appetizers.

Of course not! We only display a selection of menus to give you some inspiration. We prefer to set a time with you to discuss your event goals to craft an event solution and menu that is tailored to you and your vision.

Some of the most stunning venues in the area lack the proper kitchen setup. This is why we’ve grown accustomed to bringing all of our supplies or renting larger cooking equipment from a local rental company. We aim to cook as much of your meal on-site as possible! Your guests will love the quality, and we’ll make sure we have everything we need to execute your event flawlessly. We’ll need at least a 10′ x 20′ space (or comparable) to provide the service you want.

If a kitchen setup needs to be rented, we quote that to you ahead of time so we can explore your options.

Although we generally leave cakes to the experts, we can provide delectable dessert options for your guests. Desserts can be served at a station or plated as a course.

We don’t want you to stop at the main meal. We can discuss creative ideas for your event that elevate your guest experience to a whole new level. For example, we can provide late-night snacks, welcome brunches, rehearsal dinners, and more!